Friday, September 10, 2010

Saturday September 11, 1:52 p.m.

Hard to believe it's been 9 years since 9/11. Of course, there is always something going on to muck up with the works for reconciliation between Islam and Christianity. For example, that nutball Christian extremist in Florida who wants to burn Qu'rans today. But I think he's rather backed off that literally incendiary display of hate.

Was surprised to hear from The Bass that he'd suffered a motorcycle accident between his concert and yesterday's lesson. He showed me a picture of his cycle...looked pretty totaled. It was a miracle that he came out of it with just some pain all over.

Pretty much stayed within the neighbourhood yesterday. Did some domestic stuff before I went out to The Restauranteur's establishment for the usual Sauteed Chicken. I figure it could be the last time in a while since The Journo, supposedly, will be coming in for lessons from next Friday at 6:30. He's already cancelled twice...considering his job, I can't really be too churlish about it but I just wonder if he'll do another cancellation next week.

I have completed my two lessons with Miss Prissy and The Publicity Agent today. It's gonna be another steamy one out there despite the typhoon and the cool 2 days afterwards back on Wednesday night. We may be done with Summer but Summer is, apparently, not done with us just yet.

But apparently, one of my now-former Mixi friends is done with me. I got a polite letter from this lady who had initially requested my friendship some months ago, which I graciously accepted. However, she sent me a letter this morning stating that she'll be de-friending me since there really wasn't much going between us and that she prefers to have Mixi friends who want to keep up a steady dialogue. Perfectly understandable...I never really could comment on her entries and she only commented on mine a couple of times when I'd written about some food I'd had and stating that I should watch my weight. I kinda noticed then that perhaps the lady wouldn't be commenting too much longer. I have to say though, that she was very nice about cutting off ties with me by sending me that letter. I would've just cut any people I no longer wanted without saying a thing. In fact, I've already de-friended a number of people on Facebook in the same way.

I'll be heading off to National Azabu Supermarket just to get a Mennen's Speed Stick. Yes, I have to go all the way to Hiroo just to pick up a deodorant since the Japanese variety isn't anywhere strong enough. I may even pick up a big can of Campbell's Soup there for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow, I've just got The Jyuppies but Mr. Jyuppie is a concern since he didn't really like the lesson a couple of weeks ago. I'll have to take a look at what I've got.

And I'm about to send a letter to Speedy asking him to take me off of Saturday lessons once the new year starts. I'm just getting tired of doing 3-week stints without a single day off. I would definitely miss folks such as Miss Prissy but my mind could use the weekly break.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Thursday September 9, 2:10 p.m.

The Photog was his usual loosey-goosey self. Managed to go through a whole rigamarole of topics before I asked him whether he was satisfied with this stream-of-consciousness type of lesson. He said he was OK with it, although he did acknowledge that perhaps he was too OK with it. Miss Efficiency suggested some homework assignments although I'm not sure if the lad will have the energy, time or desire to complete it.

Then, Miss Efficiency and I had a talk on our grand poobah, the bossman. I, of 6 years' acquaintance, while she has known him for as many weeks. There was a bit of griping (and some praise) about him...the usual stuff: his anal-ity and his general stubborness. And Efficiency talked about how much happier her predecessor Ray felt after she finally finished her stint at Speedy's. Apparently, the bossman has been trying to contact her for several days just to make sure she was doing OK, while Ray has been trying to avoid contact with him so that she can completely decompress.
Thursday September 9, 11:31 a.m.

Since it's just Miss Efficiency and me in the school right now, she has been engaging me in conversation off-and-on over the course of the past hour. I found out that she's quite the spiritualist so words like "synchronicity" and "enneagrams" have been bandied about. The latter I'd never heard about, and the former I knew just as the title of a hit song by The Police. In any case, Miss Efficiency is somewhat mellower about her beliefs than that of my former friend, The Mademoiselle...a bit of a psycho, that one.
Thursday September 9, 10:03 a.m.

Well, it looks like we may have gotten our Fall. Heading home last night and coming into work this morning, it was actually pleasantly cool. Still didn't need a jacket but didn't have any need to pull out a handkerchief even once either.

That 24-hour transition period of tons of rain kinda felt as if Mother Nature finally got fed up with Heat Meister and just blasted him with the massive precip as punishment. Somewhere Heat Meister is pouting and reflecting on 6 weeks of tropical torture. In any case, I'm not complaining. I would be quite happy not to see him again for another several months. Apparently JR Chiba Station got very flooded last night. However, when I came out of the school last night, it was wet outside but very walkable and the same was true for my neighbourhood.

The Tiny Dancer and her family have made their homecoming back to Toronto after several years in England. I got word from her this morning that they've moved into their new digs. But they're planning to come back to Japan for one of her troupe's dance recitals, and she was interested in visiting The Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. Getting tickets there is somewhat akin to visiting The can reserve tickets 3 months ahead and you can only go on a day designated by the museum; you have no choice in the matter. Plus, you're not allowed to bring any sort of camera equipment. The museum insists that the displays are to be recorded through the eyes (can I roll mine?) and the mind.
Wednesday September 8, 10:42 p.m.

Another long day has come to an end...a rather meterologically significant end. My day started out sweating over to the subway station...just like every day since late July. But between then and now, we had some major dumpings of rain on The Big Sushi as a result of former typhoon-turned-tropical storm 9 which finally brought down the temperature to a far more reasonable level, and turned several areas of the city into gigantic pools. Luckily, I was here dry and sound at Speedy's for the duration. It felt like a welcome blast of Fall, though we are still 2 weeks away from that heady day, when I went out to get dinner from the conbini. Not quite sure what tomorrow will bring, but I know that I will be looking forward to a far drier sleep tonight.

Gonna have just three lessons tomorrow. The Patent Attorney will be coming in....I think it's safe to say that there won't be any risk of disruption of commuting due to typhoon. And then I've got The Photog once more at noon, before I go off and see The Carolinan later in the evening. I also have to get Cozy's new text and CD ordered at Kinokuniya as well.

Anyways, time to go home in rather comfortable surroundings.
Wednesday September 8, 7:18 p.m.

Just had my dinner of fried chicken and fried rice...yep, not healthy.

But the big thing is when I stepped out to head over to the convenience was COOL! As in refreshingly cool...the wind hit me and I didn't automatically break out in a sweat. I haven't felt that way since early July. I hope that this is a harbinger of things to come meterologically.

As you can imagine from the time, 001 is not here. She's got some sort of work-related thingie. I was kinda hoping to hear how her Arashi concert was.
Wednesday September 8, 6:11 p.m.

It's certainly been quite a different Speedy's since Miss Efficiency came in last month. I have to admit that after a little bit of uncertainty in the first week or so, she's settled in just fine. I do miss Ray but Miss Efficiency has given the school quite a bit more push with her business know-how. She's even given people like Miss London and La Fille tips on tagging potential customers through cold calling, something that Ray (and me) would avoid like the plague. And she's definitely gotten along with some of the other new staff. We've got Miss Sussex who was also in the UK for a few years like Miss London (but doesn't have as much of a British accent as Miss London). There is also Miss Prim who at first appearance looks like a stern headmistress with her glasses and tied-back hair but she's actually quite friendly. And the bossman has brought yet another staffer for the future school...a young lady who looks like she's dressed for teaching kindergarten. I gather that the moniker Miss Kindergarten will have to do.

Still not sure what the weather is like sounds like the rain has stopped but there is still that 12-hour window in which Typhoon 9 will track across the Kanto.

Some happy news in the world of entertainment. One of my few favourite Japanese actresses, Eri Fukatsu, grabbed Top Actress honours at the Montreal Film Festival the night before for a movie that's gotten a lot of trailer play at the theatres and will finally be released this Saturday called "Akunin" ("Villain"). Scoring this prize is certainly not gonna hurt ticket sales this weekend. For me, though, she'll always be feisty, suffer-no-fools, Sgt. Sumire Onda from the "Odoru Dai Sosasen" series. Didn't really like the latest entry that I saw earlier in the summer, but it looks like Fukatsu has made for all that with this starring role. Kinda wonder if the movie itself may see some Oscar potential like "Okuribito" did a couple of years back.
Wednesday September 8, 4:38 p.m.

Managed to survive The Photog...he's a nice guy but his stream-of-consciousness approach to learning English is pretty wearying. The squalls due to Typhoon No. 9 have been coming in and out. Right now, we've got a respite but not quite sure what the rest of the night will bring. I now just have Miss Sony and that won't be for almost 4 hours. Speedy and I were discussing the possibility of having to cancel The Patent Attorney's lesson tomorrow morning just in case the Tozai Line decides to stop service due to high winds, but at this point, it looks like things should be OK.

I've been in contact with another blogger via Mixi, although her actual blog is on this site. She's kinda like the antipodean version of me in that she's a Japanese living in Toronto. Not sure if she'll respond positively since any schmo can contact her.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wednesday September 8, 2:15 p.m.

Just a generic image of a typhoon wreaking havoc on East Asia, but it might as well be Typhoon No. 9, which is really entering Japan at this moment. For the first time in a month, we've actually gotten something that looks like precipitation...and it's coming down in buckets. For an area that bordered on desert conditions, this is quite the godsend. The eye should be coming over The Kanto overnight so I'm wondering what transportation will be like tomorrow since I have the early class with The Patent Attorney.

Met up with The Beehive, sans Mrs. Travel who's off in Switzerland. So, it was Mrs. Tee, Mrs. Alp and Mrs. Jade, whom we hadn't seen in almost 2 months since she's been a bit sensitive to the heat wave. Looks like that talk about moving venues is starting to gain steam. Mrs. Alp approached Mrs. Jade about having the lesson once a month at The Spring Hotel cafe in Makuhari-Messe, but Jade didn't look too enthused about that due to commuting reasons. So, Alp is now thinking about renting a room at Funabashi City Hall. I'm keeping my fingers crossed since it would be really nice if we could actually have real lessons again without worrying about ticking off some coffee drinker at the next table.

Now that Sugar N' Spice and Mr. Nice Guy have flown the coop, I have my veterans of The Milds and Mr. White as my Tuesday night core. The Milds took another road trip up into the wilds of Takayama over the weekend. They said that even there, temperatures were soaring into the high 30s. No respite for the weary.

I've gone through half of my lessons today already with Grandma Enka and The Businesswoman under my belt (no snickering). Grandma Enka had just come back from Singapore with her family, and got me the typical omiyage in the form of some cookies. Would love to go to Singapore someday. All that well-ordered urbanism holds some appeal to me.

The Photog should be here in about 15 minutes, and then it'll be a few hours before Miss Sony comes by for the final slot.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Monday September 6, 9:25 p.m.

Well, I gotta thank The Medicine Man. Called up with 9 minutes to spare before his lesson was to begin to cancel it. Got my money without so much as lifting a page. And Miss Genki and I had a grand old time chatting about extracting tonsils and Japanese girl groups of the present (hello, AKB 48) and past (hi there, Morning Musume and Onyanko Club); just cannot complain about this state of affairs. And for the past hour, Miss London and I have been exchanging YouTube videos of British comedians.

Monday September 6, 6:23 p.m.
Finally had a listen to the "Inception" soundtrack last night about a week after I'd bought it at Tower Records. Hans Zimmer, who seems to have inherited the mantle of Master Movie Soundtrack Composer from John Williams, has made a slightly zippier contribution when compared to "The Dark Knight". Some critics have stated that it could also be an extension to the second Batman movie; but I think the music is sufficiently different that it is its own animal.
Then, it was to something completely different with my latest Miharu Koshi disc that I got from Recomints. "Boy Soprano" seems to be the third in the triumvirate of 80s techno CDs that she'd released after "Tutu" and "Parallelisme". "Boy Soprano" is well-titled since in some of the tracks, Koshi sounds like a castralto. And there seems to be a bit of transition that came into play since she sings German for a couple of the tracks...a pattern that got more pronounced in later discs such as "Father and the Pistol" in 1990.
Met Yajima for the first time in a month in Den'en-Chofu. He and his wife had a trip to Australia earlier last month. He definitely sounds more confident and assured in his delivery but for the meantime, my services are still needed.
It looks like the gang is coming back together. After my time with Cozy this morning, I saw Swank...also for the first time in a month at Roppongi Hills. A lot of the time, she was haranguing about the principal at her daughters' school in terms of how they're being educated. I don't know both sides of the story but I did try to sympathize with her. I think the fates may have decided that she had spoken enough since her drink then decided to spill itself all over her dress. I did receive those souvenirs via their month-long trip in Hawaii. I got an Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt; Swank had the good observational powers to know that I was at least an XL.
Then, it was The New Yorker who had also been absent for about a month. She and her sister, The Carolinan, had gone to see "Inception" on The New Yorker's birthday. But The New Yorker slept through most of it since she'd had gone drinking the night before until about 5 a.m. And "Inception" is definitely a movie that needs a fully alert mind.
I've just got Miss Genki and then The Medicine Man tonight. I also a couple of cancellations for this week's worth of classes. First off, The Overachiever has canned his lesson this week. And I got a message from the juku boss stating that new student, The Journo, has once again put off his inaugural lesson this Friday. Well, at least, I can have dinner at The Restauranteur's later that evening.