Friday, February 07, 2003

February 7

If there were a day that perfectly befits the life of a indefatiguable English teacher in Japan, today would be it. Woke up in the wee hours of this morning to get some prep work done on a class at a nearby city hall, before heading out to the base school and opening it up. I made copies there and did some crossword puzzles before hitting my first class at a nearby printing plant.

Afterwards, I headed back to the base school at noon just to touch base for an evening Pancake Party (being Canadian, I decided to regale the kids about the wonders of maple syrup one month ahead of the Sugaring Off), before heading out on the train for an hour to the City Hall class.

I pulled off the City Hall class well enough. I came back to the base school and started the pancakes with the kids. Managed even to make some maple fondue. It's safe to say that we managed to increase everyone's cholesterol levels by a significant amount tonight.

Finally made it home. It's Miller Time!